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Alaris carries an extensive stock of primary and secondary flight surfaces, nacelles, radomes, fairings, belly panels, doors etc for B737, B757, B767, B777 as well as A320, A330 and A340 aircraft that are stocked in a separate 20,000 sf ft facility in Fort Pierce, Florida.

We keep a majority of these units in serviceable condition ready to ship in order to support AOG requirements.

FACILITIES Are you looking for an Autoclave of a certain size? Let Alaris identify the facility that meets your requirements.

All Alaris partner Composite shops have the means to environmentally and operationally control Layup and Clean Rooms, and utilize approved Non-Destructive Inspection techniques to detect discrepancies in aircraft composite structures and components.

Depending on the part, this may include visual, audio sonic (tap testing), radiography, ultrasonic, shearography, mechanical impedance testing, or infrared thermography.

WARRANTY Our industry leading warranty terms are 24 months for Repaired parts and 36 months for Overhauled.

For new parts from newly delivered or modified aircraft, we can manage your OEM warranty claims.

Let us work with you to be your Warranty Claims Administrator S/B’s, A/D’s Careful management of Service Bulletins and/or Airworthiness Directives is critical to effective Configuration Management and in many cases, safety.

Thermo graphic Inspection of control surfaces being an example.

Alaris understands this, and can work with your aircraft fleet managers to administer campaigns to update all your parts and spares AVAILABILITY/FLEXIBILITY Ask us about our Pooling and Exchange capability.

Alaris has existing contracts with major carriers to support their flight control and nacelle on very attractive flat rate exchanges and pool programs.

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